Newark’s Black Friday

27th April 2016

Around 40 people attended a talk in the Memorial Hall on ‘Newark’s Black Friday’, the story of the 1941 bombing of the Ransome and Marles’ ball bearing and munitions factory in Newark. Speakers Trevor Frecknall and Shaun Noble, authors of the book, ‘Newark Black Friday’, spoke for an hour about the event. Their talk was supported by pictures of the damage caused in the aftermath, and photographs of some of those killed such as 21-year-old Edith Makins of The Thatched House, South Collingham. Shaun Noble also filled in details about the background of the German crew who had dropped the bombs on the factory. The speakers were thanked by Helena Pielichaty

Black F talk

Trevor Frecknall (hidden) and Shaun Noble. Shaun’s collection of shells and cartridges kept everyone on their toes!

‘Newark’s Black Friday’ is available for sale in WH Smith, Newark. Price £9.99