Collingham Memorial Inscriptions

Our graveyards contain many surprises and links to our often forgotten past. However, many of our gravestones are deteriorating rapidly and many have been lost in recent years, so we are busy cataloguing gravestones in Collingham before it is too late. If you would like to join our team please contact Charlie Stothard (Deputy Archivist) via our Contact Us page.

This database contains the following information:

  • Personal information : Surname, Forename, Year of death, Age at death.
  • Churchyard : All Saints = North Collingham; St John B = South Collingham.
  • Grave location : Graveyard section, Plot reference.

The personal information has in each case been transcribed from the memorial inscription. Missing information may possibly be found in the burial registers. Transcription of these may be viewed on the website

In some cases the spelling of names may differ between the memorial, the burial register and census records. The database contains the name as transcribed from the memorial.

More information such as exact date of death and names of relatives may be in the memorial inscription. Transcriptions of these may be requested via this website – please select ‘Archive Manager’ as the Recipient for your enquiry.

The data can be sorted by clicking on the header at the top of each column. Click once to sort in ascending order; click twice to sort in descending order.

To search or filter the data, enter text into the Search box.

SurnameForenameDeath YearAgeChurchyardSectionPlot Ref.
AndersonDorothy199578All Saints1916 NorthM2
ArcherHannah189379St John BWestE5
ArcherJames187257St John BWestE5
ArmstrongBenjamin196971St John BWestE2
ArmstrongCharles189714St John BWestE3
ArmstrongCharles Edward1939infantSt John BWestE2
ArmstrongJoseph191775St John BWestE4
ArmstrongLilian198682St John BWestE2
ArmstrongMary190961St John BWestE4
ArnoldMatthew187674All SaintsChurch SouthY1
BaconDinah190982All SaintsChurch NorthE1
BaconGeorge HenryAll SaintsChurch SouthR8
BaconJohn188658All SaintsChurch NorthE1
BaconSarah46All SaintsChurch SouthR5
BaconThomas1881All SaintsChurch SouthR5
BaconWilliam185430All SaintsChurch NorthE1
BagleyHarriet188665All SaintsChurch SouthY3
BagleyJames Robert18645 yrs 8 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthY3
BagleyRobert Buckland186443All SaintsChurch SouthY3
BaileyAnn190072St John BSouth GateG8
BaileyAnna Maria190876All SaintsChurch SouthR23
BaileyAnnie1958All Saints1916 NorthJ1
BaileyEdward189266All SaintsChurch SouthV15
BaileyElizabeth184759St John BSouth GateG8
BaileyEmma189755St John BChurch SouthG2
BaileyHannah185763St John BSouth GateJ3
BaileyHelen1885All SaintsChurch SouthV13
BaileyJane191090St John BWestC12
BaileyJohn186773St John BSouth GateG7
BaileyJohn Stanley193119All Saints1916 NorthJ1
BaileyMary Ann187955All SaintsChurch SouthV15
BaileySarah190785St John BSouth GateG7
BaileyWilliam1939All Saints1916 NorthJ1
BaileyWilliam187984St John BSouth GateJ3
BaileyWilliam188969St John BWestC12
BakerElizabeth68All SaintsChurch SouthI5
BakerHarriett Elizabeth192479All SaintsChurch SouthV12
BakerJohn191673All SaintsChurch SouthV12
BakerJohn187980All SaintsChurch SouthI5
BakerMary185986St John BSouth GateN1
BakerMary Ann195487All SaintsChurch SouthV12
BakerMary ann192072nd YrAll Saints1916 NorthB2
BakerWilliam192885th YrAll Saints1916 NorthB2
BakerWilliam184570St John BSouth GateN1
BantonAnnie198474St John BWestC13
BantonGeorge Edward196649St John BWestC13
BarlowJohn188569St John BSouth GateA4
BarlowSarah1890St John BSouth GateA4
BartonMary189065All SaintsChurch SouthY7
BartonMary Hannah193886All Saints1916 NorthI9
BartonThomas190364All SaintsChurch SouthY7
BastonJohn Robert1914All SaintsLychgate WestA1
BatesAbby Maria187931St John BSouth GateG1
BatesAda Harriet194276All Saints1916 NorthB12
BatesGeorge Henry1884St John BSouth GateG1
BatesWalter Wood192150All Saints1916 NorthB12
BealbyBertha189119All SaintsChurch SouthK8
BealbyElizabeth188073All SaintsChurch SouthU13
BealbyFrances18655 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthU11
BealbyGeorge187370All SaintsChurch SouthU13
BealbyGeorge Henry1888All SaintsChurch SouthU10
BealbyJames189155All SaintsChurch SouthK7
BealbyJames184476All SaintsChurch SouthU14
BealbyJames1888All SaintsChurch SouthU10
BealbyJob189954All SaintsChurch SouthU15
BealbyMaria189761All SaintsChurch SouthK7
BealbyMary183828All SaintsChurch SouthU14
BealbyMary180238All SaintsChurch SouthU12
BealbyMary183467All SaintsChurch SouthU14
BealbyMary18662 yrs 9 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthU11
BeaumontAnn187949St John BWestG1
BeaumontJane188072St John BWestD2
BeaumontJohn190876St John BWestG1
BeaumontWilliam185735St John BWestD2
BecketFrances MaryAll SaintsChurch SouthI9
BecketSarah188477All SaintsChurch SouthI10
BecketThomas183866All SaintsChurch SouthJ6
BeedhamJane185436All SaintsLychgate EastA1
BeedhamJohn183726All SaintsLychgate EastA4
BeedhamJoseph185431All SaintsLychgate EastC1
BeedhamMary186487All SaintsLychgate EastA4
BeedhamSarah185869All SaintsLychgate EastA2
BeedhamThomas185448All SaintsLychgate EastA2
BeedhamThomas Burbank185377All SaintsLychgate EastA4
BeetMary186162St John BSouth GateI1
BeetThomas187867St John BSouth GateI1
BerryLavinia Christina193230All Saints1916 NorthJ8
BestallWilliam185779All SaintsChurch NorthI9
BlaggEmily194893St John BChurch SouthC2
BlaggFrancis191927St John BChurch SouthD1
BlaggFrancis193592St John BChurch SouthD1
BlaggGrace189885St John BChurch SouthC1
BlaggGrace188338St John BChurch SouthC2
BlaggMary193298St John BChurch SouthC2
BlaggMary193284St John BChurch SouthD1
BlaggSarah188232St John BChurch SouthC1
BlaggThomas187676St John BChurch SouthC1
BocockAnn184362St John BChurch SouthB7
BocockAnn186746St John BChurch SouthB8
BocockEdward190685St John BChurch SouthB8
BocockHadfield194191All Saints1916 NorthO8
BocockHarriettAll Saints1916 NorthL4
BocockJoseph194685All Saints1916 NorthL4
BocockLucy189567St John BChurch SouthB8
BocockMary189376St John BChurch SouthB8
BocockWilliam185478St John BChurch SouthB7
BodyAnn187742All SaintsChurch SouthY8
BointonRebecca Ann18622 yrs 8 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthF3
BourneWilliam186441st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthN12
BowerEleanor Grace1919All Saints1916 NorthA12
BowerJohn Wright1927All Saints1916 NorthA12
Br(oadberry)Be(njamin)St John BSouth GateK2
BradleyCharlotte1939All Saints1916 NorthG12
BradleyThomas1921All Saints1916 NorthG12
BradwellAmelia194061All Saints1916 NorthL12
BradwellElizabeth Penny191481St John BSouth GateK6
BradwellGervase William193468All Saints1916 NorthL12
BradwellReginald199783All Saints1916 NorthL12
BradwellWinifred Margaret199578All Saints1916 NorthL12
BrierleyHannah188281St John BWestC5
BrierleyJohn188182St John BWestC5
BrileyMary Jane189385St John BWestC4
BrileyRachel186819St John BWestC3
BrileyRichard185756St John BWestC4
BroadbentAlice Sophia185426St John BSouth GateI4
BroadbentAlice Sophia18549 wksSt John BSouth GateI4
BroadbentAnne Mary186240th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthK4
BroadbentCatharine189165St John BSouth GateI3
BroadbentCharles William188324All SaintsChurch SouthK4
BroadbentJohn190176St John BSouth GateI3
BroadberryAlfred Edric18901 Yr 3 mthsAll SaintsSouth PorchA6
BroadberryAlfred William193775All Saints1916 NorthC12
BroadberryAnn189667th YrAll SaintsSouth PorchA7
BroadberryAnnie Maria189119th YrAll SaintsSouth PorchA5
BroadberryCharlotte192165All Saints1916 NorthC12
BroadberryEdric189671st YrAll SaintsSouth PorchA6
BroadberryGeorge Wilson197285All SaintsSouth PorchA8
BroadberryHannahSt John BWestC8
BroadberryHannah Maria189870St John BSouth GateG3
BroadberryHarriet Emma196574All SaintsSouth PorchA8
BroadberryJane183928All SaintsChurch SouthO1
BroadberryJohn186685All SaintsSouth PorchA2
BroadberryJonathan190468St John BWestC9
BroadberryJoseph1941St John BSouth GateK1
BroadberryRichard183618All SaintsSouth PorchA1
BroadberryRobert187479St John BWestC8
BroadberrySarah186984th YrAll SaintsSouth PorchA3
BromptonArthur191948All Saints1916 NorthA6
BromptonHarriett191784All SaintsChurch NorthI10
BromptonWilliam191572All SaintsChurch NorthI10
BrooksMaryAll SaintsLychgate EastF1
BrooksThomas181884All SaintsLychgate EastF1
BroomeGeorge185435All SaintsChurch NorthE1
BrownAnnie192858All SaintsChurch SouthW24
BrownJane185132All SaintsChurch SouthU1
BrownJoseph188485St John BSouth GateC1
BrownMary185993All SaintsChurch SouthU4
BrownMary1882All SaintsChurch SouthU1
BrownMary188674St John BSouth GateC1
BrownWalter Sims190739All SaintsChurch SouthW24
BrownWilliam187985All SaintsChurch SouthU4
BunnLouisa191517All SaintsChurch SouthV7
BurrellMaria184537All SaintsChurch NorthE3
BurrellSamuel188157All SaintsChurch NorthE2
ButlerMarion193081st YrAll Saints1916 NorthI9
CarterCharles Herbert191841All Saints1916 NorthF1
CarterJohn TomAll Saints1916 NorthF1
CarterMary Ann192186All SaintsChurch SouthR19
CarterSarah Ann187313All SaintsChurch SouthR17
CarterWilliam18967All SaintsChurch SouthR18
CarterWilliam18--72All SaintsChurch SouthR19
CarverAnn186457St John BSouth GateM7
CarverJoshua Gear187126St John BSouth GateM7
CarverRichard187071St John BSouth GateM7
CarverWilliam18454St John BSouth GateM7
ChambersSarah185849All SaintsLychgate WestB1
ChappellGraham186057St John BSouth GateF10
CheethamAlban191877All SaintsChurch SouthW23
CheethamAnn188032All SaintsChurch SouthW23
CheethamAnnInfancyAll SaintsChurch SouthW23
CheethamFrances1944All Saints1916 NorthI12
CheethamGertrude191036All SaintsChurch SouthW23
CheethamMargaret Ann192769All Saints1916 NorthD10
CheethamSamuel193375All Saints1916 NorthD10
CheethamSarah Ann1931All Saints1916 NorthI12
ClarkAlice197886All SaintsChurch SouthAA11
ClarkAnnie Maria189038th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthK10
ClarkClara198392All SaintsChurch SouthAA11
ClarkElisabeth Constance198875St John BSouth GateF5
ClarkElizabeth1898All SaintsChurch SouthP1
ClarkEthel188617All SaintsChurch SouthAA11
ClarkHenrietta188842All SaintsChurch SouthK9
ClarkJean Georges192167All Saints1916 NorthD4
ClarkJohn194285All Saints1916 NorthM9
ClarkLattimore181976All SaintsChurch SouthP2
ClarkMary Ann189947All SaintsChurch SouthAA11
ClarkMary Elizabeth193676All Saints1916 NorthM9
ClarkSarah18979All SaintsChurch SouthAA11
ClarkWalter1889InfAll SaintsChurch SouthK10
ClarkeMary187266All SaintsChurch SouthCC5
ClarksonSarah195684St John BSouth GateD5
ClarksonWilliam195688St John BSouth GateD5
ClayCharles189177St John BChurch SouthD2
ClayMary18808All SaintsChurch SouthCC1
ClaytonElsie192519All Saints1916 NorthE10
CookAnn185972All SaintsChurch SouthW7
CookAnnie Maria1951St John BSouth GateD4
CookBernard191919All Saints1916 NorthH2
CookCharles Robert1947St John BChurch SouthE2
CookHilda May195959St John BSouth GateD4
CookJane187787St John BSouth GateM5-1
CookJohn183450All SaintsChurch SouthW7
CookLouisa195779All Saints1916 NorthE8
CookMary Manuel1964St John BChurch SouthE2
CookNorman Edric192830All Saints1916 NorthH2
CookReavill1943St John BSouth GateD4
CookSarah190064All SaintsChurch SouthW26
CookWilliam189233All SaintsChurch SouthX4
CookWilliam186167St John BSouth GateM5-1
CookWilliam Henry192843All Saints1916 NorthE8
CoolingSarah187377All SaintsChurch SouthJ4
CoolingThomas187078All SaintsChurch SouthJ4
CooperAlbert Ernest191813 mthsAll Saints1916 NorthP1
CooperAnn185269All SaintsChurch SouthK3
CooperCharles William184826All SaintsChurch SouthK1
CooperElizabeth182512All SaintsChurch SouthK1
CooperEllen186637th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthK5
CooperRobert184959All SaintsChurch SouthK3
CooperRobert John187153All SaintsChurch SouthK6
CooperSarah184222All SaintsChurch SouthK1
CooperSarah1820All SaintsChurch SouthL7
CooperWilliam18212All SaintsChurch SouthK1
CopnallAda Florence192983All Saints1916 NorthB3
CopnallHenry Hampton192159th YrAll Saints1916 NorthB3
CoulsonAlice186921St John BWestA2
CoxAda193255All Saints1916 NorthK11
CoxRosamond183656St John BWestH3
CoxWilliam184563St John BWestH4
CramptonAnn180987St John BChurch SouthB1
CramptonAnn1775St John BChurch SouthB5
CramptonGeorge180270St John BChurch SouthB3
CramptonHenry1771St John BChurch SouthB4
CreeFlorence190833All SaintsLychgate EastE2
CreeGeorge193062All Saints1916 NorthD7
CreeMary Ann192853All Saints1916 NorthD7
CrockerJoshua1938St John BSouth GateC3
CrockerMary Ellen1952St John BSouth GateC3
CrosslandAlice Mary194479All Saints1916 NorthD5
CrosslandAnn190977All SaintsChurch SouthE4
CrosslandGeorge1805All SaintsChurch SouthE3
CrosslandHelen Kate192671All Saints1916 NorthD5
CrosslandMaryAll SaintsChurch SouthE3
CrosslandWilliam188150All SaintsChurch SouthE3
CrosslandWilliam Thompson18682 yrs 2 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthE4
CurtisCharles Constable1936All Saints1916 NorthM12
CurtisEdith Fanny1944All Saints1916 NorthM12
CurtisIrene1976All Saints1916 NorthM12
DakinAnna191090All SaintsChurch SouthCC8
DakinEliza191194All SaintsChurch SouthCC8
DakinFrederick189987All SaintsChurch SouthCC8
DallAlexander1918All Saints1916 NorthA3
DaltonJoseph180981st YrAll SaintsSouth PorchD3
DaltonMary18016( )St John BChurch SouthC4
DaltonSarah178917St John BChurch SouthC4
DaltonThomas177(0)(2)9St John BChurch SouthC3
DaltonWilliam179861st YrSt John BChurch SouthC4
DaviesEvan194274All SaintsChurch SouthV21
DaviesEvan191588All SaintsChurch SouthV21
DaviesGeorgina Elizabeth193067All Saints1916 NorthI3
DaviesMinnie Jane1942All Saints1916 NorthK5
DaviesSusan 191487All SaintsChurch SouthV21
DaviesWilliam Hebb193773All Saints1916 NorthK5
DavisonMary Ann191976All Saints1916 NorthA8
DavisonSarah1898All SaintsChurch SouthS1
DavisonThomas1908All SaintsChurch SouthS1
DayLeopold Henry193959All Saints1916 NorthN6
DayMabel196281All Saints1916 NorthN6
DerryAnn181112All SaintsSouth PorchD5
DerryMary181216All SaintsSouth PorchD5
DewickSarah185473All SaintsChurch SouthH3
DewickSarahAll SaintsChurch SouthH4
DewickWilliam183780All SaintsChurch SouthH5
DixonSarah189181All SaintsChurch SouthCC7
DixonWilliam188381All SaintsChurch SouthCC7
DolphinCatherine68All SaintsChurch SouthV16
DolphinMaria193290All Saints1916 NorthE9
DolphinSamuel192889All Saints1916 NorthE9
DolphinWilliam188381All SaintsChurch SouthV16
DomenichettiAnne Jane187059All SaintsChurch SouthN11
DomenichettiFrances IsabellaAll SaintsChurch SouthN9
DomenichettiFrances Mary1896All SaintsChurch SouthN10
DomenichettiGeorgina Rachel1856All SaintsChurch SouthN10
DomenichettiRichard1901All SaintsChurch SouthN8
DomenichettiWilliam Lewis187579All SaintsChurch SouthN11
DoubledayAnn188977All SaintsChurch SouthV9
EatoAnn186279All SaintsChurch SouthW1
EatoJohn184773All SaintsChurch SouthW1
EllisAlbert Joseph196783St John BWestC14
EllisDora198880St John BWestC14
ElseJamesAll SaintsLychgate EastI3
ElseJohn182026All SaintsLychgate EastI4
ElseMary182770th YrAll SaintsLychgate EastI3
FalknerFrances184567St John BChurch SouthA3
FernioughLucyAll SaintsChurch SouthQ1
FernioughMatilda1832All SaintsChurch SouthQ2
FernioughThomas185470th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthQ1
FishThomas181773All SaintsChurch SouthL4
FletcherElizabeth185746All SaintsSouth PorchE2
FletcherElizabeth184617 wksAll SaintsSouth PorchE4
FletcherGeorge Harwood185353All SaintsSouth PorchE3
FletcherJohn18503 wksAll SaintsSouth PorchE4
FletcherJohn186783St John BSouth GateK3
FletcherSelena18427 wksAll SaintsSouth PorchE4
FletcherSophia18512All SaintsSouth PorchE4
FletcherSophia186989St John BSouth GateK3
FletcherWilliam185713All SaintsSouth PorchE2
FoottitJohn185873All SaintsLychgate EastF2
FoottitJohn Weymouth1884InfantAll SaintsChurch SouthZ10
FoottitMary181447All SaintsLychgate EastG2
FoottitMary Jane188440All SaintsChurch SouthZ10
FoottitSarah187381All SaintsLychgate EastF2
FoottitWilliam183355All SaintsLychgate EastG2
ForbesJames1941All Saints1916 NorthI9
FordHarold Webber1960St John BChurch SouthC7
FormanJoseph H195587All Saints1916 NorthM8
FormanMary Ann193775All Saints1916 NorthM8
FosterAnn191877th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthZ2
FosterJoseph184087St John BChurch SouthA1
FosterSarah58St John BChurch SouthA2
FosterWilliam190074All SaintsChurch SouthZ2
FrankishWilliam Francis190680All SaintsChurch SouthA5
FranksEmilie1920St John BWestB2
FreemanAlice Jane18744All SaintsChurch SouthZ5
FreemanRebecca18471All SaintsChurch SouthS3
GarlandThomas Parkin187467All SaintsChurch SouthAA4
GashElizaInfancyAll SaintsChurch SouthBB1
GashJoseph18694All SaintsChurch SouthBB1
GashTom18749All SaintsChurch SouthBB1
GilbertElizabeth188874All SaintsChurch SouthB6
GilbertHarriett Elizabeth1889All SaintsChurch SouthB6
GilbertJohn188570All SaintsChurch SouthB6
GilbertJohn185584All SaintsLychgate EastB1
GilbertMary186379All SaintsLychgate EastB1
GilbertSusannah185079All SaintsLychgate EastE1
GilbertThomas185086All SaintsLychgate EastE1
GilbertWilliam185044All SaintsLychgate EastB1
GilbyJohn1770All SaintsChurch SouthM3
GilbyRebecca176062All SaintsChurch SouthM2
GillettGresham Francis194074St John BChurch SouthC6
GlennAlbert1865All SaintsChurch SouthAA1
Good DruryAnne185320All SaintsChurch SouthV10
Good DruryMary Charlotte184918 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthV10
Good DruryWilliam184845All SaintsChurch SouthV10
GoodridgeElizabeth181853All SaintsChurch SouthN6
GouldReginald FreestoneAll SaintsChurch SouthU2
GraulichJohann Wilhelm1879St John BChurch SouthE1
GrayWilliam186022nd YrSt John BSouth GateM3
GreenEdward190071All SaintsChurch NorthF4
GriceEdwin188745St John BWestI2
GrosseAnne186541All SaintsChurch SouthB4
GrosseJames186276All SaintsChurch SouthB3
GrosseMary183719All SaintsChurch SouthB2
GrosseMary1863All SaintsChurch SouthB3
GrosseThomas183821All SaintsChurch SouthB1
GuildfordAnn186567All SaintsChurch SouthQ11
GuildfordSarah188787All SaintsChurch SouthQ11
HagueElizabeth190885All SaintsChurch NorthH5
HagueThomas189472All SaintsChurch NorthH5
HaguesSarah188279All SaintsChurch SouthR4
HaguesThomas184242All SaintsChurch SouthR4
HallArthur John194673All Saints1916 NorthO1
HallFrances194061All Saints1916 NorthO1
HallMaryAll Saints1916 NorthJ12
HamblingHarriet188767All SaintsChurch SouthY9
HandleyAbraham190155All SaintsLychgate WestB2
HansonEliza18274All SaintsChurch SouthU9
HansonWhatkinsonAll SaintsChurch SouthU9
HardyJohn189368St John BSouth GateJ4
HarkerFlorence Annie199796All Saints1916 NorthB10
HarkerJosephAll Saints1916 NorthB10
HarkerJoseph Edward198082All Saints1916 NorthB10
HarkerMaryAll Saints1916 NorthB10
HarrisonAnn189589St John BWestD4
HarrisonDorothy192431All Saints1916 NorthG11
HarrisonElizabeth185367St John BWestD7
HarrisonFlorence Lina194045St John BWestD5
HarrisonFred188115 mthsSt John BWestD8
HarrisonGeorge Frederick189519All SaintsChurch SouthB8
HarrisonHerbert193081St John BWestD5
HarrisonJohn Henry189461All SaintsChurch SouthB8
HarrisonMary Ann194882St John BWestD5
HarrisonPaulina187327St John BWestD8
HarrisonSara Anne189526All SaintsChurch SouthB8
HarrisonSarah190179St John BWestD8
HarrisonThomas187870St John BWestD8
HarrisonWilliam186929St John BWestD3
HarrisonWilliam185980St John BWestD7
HarrisonWilliam Mitchell188276St John BWestD4
HatcliffeElla19037 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthBB2
HawkinsAnne Jane187411St John BWestD1
HawkinsArthur1895St John BWestC1
HawkinsChristopher190034St John BWestC2
HawkinsJoseph189818St John BWestC2
HawkinsWilliam188818St John BWestD1
HazzardAnnie Elizabeth196776St John BWestC15
HempsallElizabeth194278All Saints1916 NorthI2
HempsallFlorence196982All Saints1916 NorthI2
HempsallWilliam192970All Saints1916 NorthI2
HewesElizabeth185884All SaintsChurch SouthH9
HewesGeorge185985All SaintsChurch SouthH9
HewesMartha187169th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthH10
HickmanMary Jane193473All Saints1916 NorthE12
HickmanWilliam192362All Saints1916 NorthE12
HindAlfred187317All SaintsLychgate EastI2
HindAnn186377All SaintsLychgate EastG5
HindBenjamin187580All SaintsLychgate EastG5
HindCaroline192670All Saints1916 NorthB7
HindGeorge192673All Saints1916 NorthB7
HindSarah190073All SaintsLychgate EastI1
HindWilliam189069All SaintsLychgate EastI1
HindWilliam18527 mthsAll SaintsLychgate EastG4
HodsonEdward187327All SaintsChurch SouthF10
HodsonEdward190677All SaintsChurch SouthF10
HodsonGeorge193874All Saints1916 NorthN5
HodsonSarah Elizabeth194777All Saints1916 NorthN5
HoeDavid189847All SaintsChurch SouthG7
HoeElizabeth194086All SaintsChurch SouthG7
HoeEllen88th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthG6
HoeEllen Florence196378All SaintsChurch SouthG7
HoeJames188162nd YrAll SaintsChurch SouthG6
HoePhoebe189274All SaintsChurch SouthS4
HolmesAnnie189561All SaintsLychgate EastC2
HolmesGeorge190481All SaintsLychgate EastC3
HolmesGeorge Derry1889All SaintsChurch SouthV19
HolmesHelen194282All SaintsChurch SouthV19
HolmesHenry190576All SaintsLychgate EastC2
HolmesJohn Edward1896All SaintsChurch SouthV20
HolmesMary187751All SaintsLychgate EastC3
HolmesMary Ann190038All SaintsChurch SouthAA3
HolmesMary Jane195291All SaintsChurch SouthV19
HootenBembridge182956All SaintsChurch SouthT2
HootenSarah180923 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthT1
HopperWalter G192865All Saints1916 NorthD9
HornerAnn189170St John BSouth GateG6
HornerAnnie Maria189195th YrSt John BSouth GateG4
HornerCamilla Madeline191511 mthsSt John BSouth GateF5
HornerEdmund188963St John BSouth GateG5
HornerEdmund185866St John BSouth GateG4
HornerElizabeth Cartwright190374St John BSouth GateG5
HornerWilliam Henry1977St John BSouth GateF4
HowardEdward W193376All Saints1916 NorthJ9
HuntElizabeth191732All Saints1916 NorthB1
HuntEllen188461All SaintsChurch SouthY6
HuntHarriett1890St John BSouth GateL1
HuntJames184526St John BSouth GateL3
HuntJohn190588St John BSouth GateL1
HuntJoseph185581St John BSouth GateL2
HuntLois Elizabeth194380All Saints1916 NorthN11
HuntMary Anne188666All SaintsChurch SouthR20
HuntPenninah194488All Saints1916 NorthJ3
HuntRobert190591All SaintsChurch SouthY6
HuntRobert George190084All SaintsChurch SouthR20
HuntRuth193483All Saints1916 NorthD6
HuntStanley191622All Saints1916 NorthN11
HuntThomas192875All Saints1916 NorthD6
HuntWilliam Barton194082All Saints1916 NorthN11
HuttonCatherine Ann1917All Saints1916 NorthA2
HuttonJohn18?775St John BSouth GateA5
HuttonLeslie William1939All Saints1916 NorthA2
HuttonMary182766St John BSouth GateA5
HuttonSarah181721St John BSouth GateA5
IredaleJohn Hammond187181All SaintsChurch SouthV14
Irwin Henry A188753St John BChurch SouthI2
JamesAnne Susannah186127St John BChurch SouthA4
JamesHannah186564St John BChurch SouthA4
JamesHelene Louise193656All Saints1916 NorthD3
JamesJohn Firth186664St John BChurch SouthA4
JamesThomas182970All SaintsChurch NorthK2
JamesThomas173737 or 34?St John BChurch SouthF2
JamesThomas176735St John BChurch SouthI1
JessopAnnie L197088All Saints1916 NorthH10
JessopHugh Cecil1933All Saints1916 NorthK7
JessopWilliam192446All Saints1916 NorthH10
JohnsonAnn178957All SaintsChurch SouthV5
JohnsonDavid184875All SaintsChurch SouthL3
JohnsonElizabeth188681All SaintsChurch SouthI7
JohnsonElizabeth Ann184821st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthR11
JohnsonFrancis186476All SaintsChurch SouthG3
JohnsonJohn180-62All SaintsChurch SouthV5
JohnsonMonica184575All SaintsChurch SouthL3
JohnsonThomas65All SaintsChurch SouthI6
JohnsonThomas188221St John BSouth GateD1
JohnsonWilliam187554th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthR11
JonesMary Grey18554All SaintsChurch SouthS2
JonesThomas Colton18565 wksAll SaintsChurch SouthS2
KempEvelyn Mary194125All Saints1916 NorthO9
KempIsabella194367All Saints1916 NorthJ2
KempJames186649All SaintsChurch SouthF6
KempJohn Edward194131All Saints1916 NorthO9
KempJohn Henry193157All Saints1916 NorthJ2
KempSarah52All SaintsChurch SouthF6
KindMargaret Ada192016All Saints1916 NorthA9
KirkDavid190467All SaintsChurch SouthR21
KirkElizabeth191377All SaintsChurch SouthR21
KirkElizabeth18954-St John BWestH1
KirtonOlive19206All Saints1916 NorthP4
KnightSarah187982St John BWestB1
KnightThomas188180St John BWestB1
LacyGeorge190981All SaintsChurch SouthL5
LacyJane189860All SaintsChurch SouthL5
LambertAnne189393All SaintsChurch SouthR23
LansdalElizabeth180832All SaintsChurch SouthQ8
LansdalMary18106-All SaintsChurch SouthQ7
LansdalWilliam182257All SaintsChurch SouthQ5
LaycockMary ElizabethAll Saints1916 NorthL7
LeeHarriett187974All SaintsChurch SouthZ9
LesiterCharles185881st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthR3
LightfootElizabeth183775All SaintsChurch SouthR6
LightfootThomas73All SaintsChurch SouthR6
LileyCharles189173St John BWestI1
LileySarah190991St John BWestI1
LilleyGeorge181619All SaintsChurch SouthV9
LilleyJohn183721All SaintsChurch SouthV9
LilleyMary184776All SaintsChurch SouthV9
LilleyMatthew185182All SaintsChurch SouthV9
LilleyWilliam182520All SaintsChurch SouthV9
LintinAnn182423All SaintsChurch NorthK3
LintinAnn181752All SaintsChurch NorthK3
LintinJohn185290All SaintsChurch NorthK3
LintinRebecca188076All SaintsChurch NorthK4
LintinWilliam183224All SaintsChurch NorthK3
Longman RiceRobert1900All SaintsChurch SouthR13
LovedayArthur194082All SaintsChurch SouthW15
LovedayViolet Ida194883All SaintsChurch SouthW15
LynnJane190181St John BChurch SouthC5
LynnJoseph189570St John BChurch SouthC5
MackenzieSt John BChurch SouthA5
MackenzieAlice MSt John BChurch SouthA5
MackenzieAntoinette MSt John BChurch SouthA5
MackenzieAntoinette M CSt John BChurch SouthA5
MackenzieHenrySt John BChurch SouthA5
MackenzieLilias DaltonSt John BChurch SouthA5
ManuelBetsy Bland1936St John BChurch SouthG1
ManuelSarah Bland1940St John BChurch SouthG1
MarriottWilliam185052All SaintsChurch SouthU16
MarshAnn189484All SaintsChurch SouthJ3
MarshGeorge191071All SaintsChurch SouthJ3
MarshHarriett191266All SaintsChurch SouthJ3
MarshMatthew187774All SaintsChurch SouthJ3
MarshallAnn187459St John BSouth GateH4
MarshallAnn1898St John BWestD10
MarshallElizabeth188142All SaintsChurch SouthY10
MarshallElizabeth188777All SaintsChurch SouthBB4
MarshallElizabeth188284St John BWestD9
MarshallJohn187264St John BSouth GateH4
MarshallJoseph188283St John BWestD9
MarshallJoseph1886St John BWestD10
MarshallThomas189284All SaintsChurch SouthBB4
MatthewsAnn194886All Saints1916 NorthK3
MatthewsJoseph193370All Saints1916 NorthK3
MatthewsMary Ann189845St John BChurch SouthB6
MatthewsWilliam189146St John BChurch SouthB6
MettamWilliam1879All SaintsChurch SouthBB6
MidwinterEliza186464All SaintsChurch SouthY4
MidwinterWilliam George186862All SaintsChurch SouthY4
MillingtonAnn192087All SaintsChurch SouthF4
MillingtonCaroline187939All SaintsChurch SouthF8
MillingtonHenry187638All SaintsChurch SouthF7
MillingtonJohn M189562All SaintsChurch SouthF4
MillingtonJohn Thomas18646 wksAll SaintsChurch SouthF5
MillnsElizabeth1911All SaintsChurch SouthW20
MillnsEva193847All Saints1916 NorthG1
MillnsHarold191621st YrAll Saints1916 NorthG1
MillnsJ E 194126All Saints1916 NorthO10
MillnsJohn1882All SaintsChurch SouthW20
MillnsJohn Edward193748All Saints1916 NorthN1
MillnsKitty191829All Saints1916 NorthG2-4
MillnsMaria190987All SaintsChurch SouthW22
MillnsMary186260All SaintsChurch SouthW19
MillnsMary196784All Saints1916 NorthN1
MillnsSarah Young191958All Saints1916 NorthG2-4
MillnsThomas189168All SaintsChurch SouthW22
MillnsWilliam186465All SaintsChurch SouthW19
MillnsWilliam Thompson193477All Saints1916 NorthG2-4
MilnesMary187883St John BSouth GateB2
MilnesMary190683St John BWestH1
MilnesRobert186275St John BSouth GateB2
MilnesSarah190485St John BSouth GateB1
MilnesWilliam188669St John BSouth GateB1
MilnesWilliam188076St John BWestH1
MitchellAnn181964St John BWestD6
MitchellRichard182186All SaintsChurch SouthG2
MitchellSarah181922St John BWestD6
MitchellWilliam180671St John BWestD6
MitchelsonAnn Elizabeth188926th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthR22
MitchelsonRuth77All Saints1916 NorthG10
MitchelsonWilliam Edward192468All Saints1916 NorthG10
MKF M1867St John BChurch SouthA5
MoodyAnn190675St John BWestC10
MossAnnie190048All SaintsLychgate EastE4
MossDaisy Hannah1891All SaintsLychgate EastE5
MossEliza190849All SaintsChurch NorthH1
MossGeorge192069All SaintsLychgate EastE4
MossJoseph189970All SaintsChurch SouthH13
MyattKathleen Olive19189 mthsAll Saints1916 NorthG2-4
MyattMonnie191831All Saints1916 NorthG2-4
NealeAlice1935All Saints1916 NorthM3
NelthorpeMarjorie Elspeth 1976All Saints1916 NorthM12
NewhamWilliam176811All SaintsLychgate EastH1
NicholsonAlice190268All SaintsChurch SouthL11
NicholsonAnne Sarah18682 yrs 6 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthL9
NicholsonCharlotte Worley1936All Saints1916 NorthM10
NicholsonDavid192590All SaintsChurch SouthL11
NicholsonEdwin189026All SaintsChurch SouthL8
NicholsonElizabeth1946All Saints1916 NorthM10
NicholsonFred Hatcliffe198375All Saints1916 NorthK10
NicholsonJohn188257St John BSouth GateC2
NicholsonMary19??80St John BSouth GateC2
NicholsonRuth Ada193222All Saints1916 NorthK10
NicholsonSarah189073St John BSouth GateF9
NicholsonWalter190645St John BSouth GateC2
NicholsonWilliam189173St John BSouth GateF9
NobleElizabeth187366All SaintsLychgate EastF3
NotonEl???? Mary187410St John BSouth GateG1
NotonGeorge189971St John BSouth GateH3
NotonMaria Kimber189772St John BSouth GateH3
PaceyCatharine181063All SaintsChurch SouthN1
PaceyElizabeth193562All Saints1916 NorthL8
PaceyFrederick Jackson193769All Saints1916 NorthL8
PaceyThomas185075All SaintsChurch SouthO2
PaceyThomas182481All SaintsChurch SouthN1
PacyAnnAll SaintsChurch SouthR7
PacyWilliamAll SaintsChurch SouthR7
PankhurstCharles William194654All SaintsChurch NorthI5
PankhurstMary Elizabeth196377All SaintsChurch NorthI5
ParkesJane190676St John BWestG3
ParkesJohn1898St John BSouth GateF8
ParkesRobertSt John BWestG2
ParkesRobert189668St John BWestG3
ParkesSarah189178St John BSouth GateF8
ParkinsonAnne1898All SaintsChurch SouthB7
PateAll SaintsChurch SouthN5
PateElizabeth187869All SaintsChurch SouthN15
PateElizabeth182574All SaintsChurch SouthN3
PateElizabethAll SaintsChurch SouthN4
PateElizabeth Rebecca190763All SaintsChurch SouthA2
PateJohn62All SaintsChurch SouthN5
PateJohn181576All SaintsChurch SouthN2
PateMartha187562All SaintsChurch SouthN13
PateWilliam189656All SaintsChurch SouthA1
PateWilliam189784All SaintsChurch SouthN14
PattisonMary1832All SaintsLychgate EastK1
PearceFrances E1930All Saints1916 NorthF9
PengelleyEdward187752All SaintsChurch SouthY2
PenningtonAlice nina197393All Saints1916 NorthH11
PenningtonEdwaerd Cartwright192367All Saints1916 NorthH11
PenningtonJohn188656All SaintsChurch SouthV17
PenningtonSamuel188764All SaintsChurch SouthV18
PettingerSarah190567All SaintsChurch SouthU18
PickeringAnn184553rd YrAll SaintsChurch SouthH7
PickeringElizabeth184735All SaintsChurch SouthH7
PickeringMaria183815All SaintsChurch SouthH6
PilleyAnnAll SaintsChurch SouthL1
PorterMary180930All SaintsChurch SouthF2
PriestleyAlfred5 weeksSt John BWestA1
PriestleyAnn190673All SaintsChurch NorthC1
PriestleyBertha1974All Saints1916 NorthB4-5
PriestleyEdward192575All Saints1916 NorthB4-5
PriestleyEdward192298All SaintsChurch SouthCC4
PriestleyEdwardAll SaintsChurch SouthCC3
PriestleyEdward Dale1965All Saints1916 NorthA4
PriestleyElizabeth188668All SaintsLychgate EastG3
PriestleyElizabethAll SaintsChurch SouthV2
PriestleyElizabeth186548St John BSouth GateM5-2
PriestleyElizabeth186870St John BWestA1
PriestleyEsther187217All SaintsChurch SouthCC2
PriestleyFanny Marcia193586All Saints1916 NorthB4-5
PriestleyFlorence Mary197181All Saints1916 NorthA4
PriestleyIvy197784All Saints1916 NorthB4-5
PriestleyJane184925St John BWestA1
PriestleyMaria189371st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthCC4
PriestleyMary E1929All Saints1916 NorthF9
PriestleyRichard184262All SaintsChurch SouthV3
PriestleySusan186070All SaintsChurch SouthV3
PriestleyWillAll SaintsChurch SouthV2
PriestleyWilliam187522All SaintsChurch SouthCC2
PriestleyWilliam188469All SaintsLychgate EastG3
PriestleyWilliam186983St John BWestA1
PriestleyWinifred196889All Saints1916 NorthB4-5
QuibellCharles189182nd YrSt John BSouth GateA3
QuibellJames1929All Saints1916 NorthH8
QuibellMary Ann1889St John BSouth GateA3
QuibellSarah1927All Saints1916 NorthH8
RadfordAlice190171st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthAA10
RadfordHenry190476th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthAA10
RadleyHannah Mary192085All SaintsChurch SouthA4
RadleyJohn189721All SaintsChurch SouthA3
RadleyWilliam191171st YrAll SaintsChurch SouthA4
RawsonAgnes18795St John BSouth GateE1
RawsonAnn1868St John BSouth GateJ1
RawsonFrancis1855St John BSouth GateJ1
RawsonSarah Jane190758St John BSouth GateE1
RawsonWilliam190873St John BSouth GateE1
ReeveHubert193264All Saints1916 NorthK12
ReeveMary Ann195287All Saints1916 NorthK12
RevellAnn191787St John BSouth GateH6
RevellBiddy193883St John BSouth GateH6
RevellJohn190175St John BSouth GateH6
RichmondEllen188217All SaintsChurch SouthW14
RichmondEmma190579All SaintsChurch SouthW12
RichmondFrancis James186310 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthW14
RichmondRichard Cook192089All SaintsChurch SouthW12
RobertsEliza189563All SaintsChurch SouthS5
RobertsJohn190373All SaintsChurch SouthS5
RobinsonEdith18757 wksAll SaintsChurch SouthE1
RobinsonEdwin18786All SaintsChurch SouthE1
RobinsonElizabeth187672All SaintsChurch SouthZ8
RobinsonElizabethAll SaintsChurch SouthE2
RobinsonFrances190980All SaintsChurch SouthN18
RobinsonGeorge William194173All Saints1916 NorthH5
RobinsonWilliam189577All SaintsChurch SouthN18
RobinsonWilliam Sidney187576All SaintsChurch SouthZ8
RoseBenjamin194290th YrAll Saints1916 NorthO11
RoseMary1942All Saints1916 NorthO11
RossingtonJane187433All SaintsChurch SouthCC6
RossingtonJohn189657All SaintsChurch SouthCC6
RushtonHenry185412All SaintsChurch SouthR1
RushtonIsiah187874All SaintsChurch SouthR2
SampsonGilbert1765All SaintsSouth PorchD1
ScottElizabeth192969All Saints1916 NorthC6
ScottJohn William194892All Saints1916 NorthC6
SelbyBlanche Fane189413 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthF9
SempersAmy193671All Saints1916 NorthM7
ShelbourneEliza188666All SaintsChurch SouthR16
ShelbourneGeorge1852All SaintsChurch SouthR15
ShelbourneSarah186584All SaintsChurch SouthR14
ShelbourneThomas186274All SaintsChurch SouthR14
ShelbourneThomas George1845All SaintsChurch SouthR10
SheldonCatherine Marion195081All Saints1916 NorthJ12
SheldonGeorge193172All Saints1916 NorthA1
SheldonHarry191825All Saints1916 NorthA1
SheldonMary191658All Saints1916 NorthA1
ShepherdAnne182117All SaintsChurch SouthL6
ShepherdGeorge183124All SaintsChurch SouthL6
ShepherdMary182116All SaintsChurch SouthL6
ShepherdThomas182819All SaintsChurch SouthL6
ShieldsElizabeth189731All SaintsChurch SouthZ1
ShieldsHannah192588All Saints1916 NorthA5
ShieldsThomas191975All Saints1916 NorthA5
SimpsonBetsy1920All Saints1916 NorthH12
SingletonAnn185732All SaintsChurch NorthI1
SingletonWilliamInfAll SaintsChurch NorthI1
SissonsMary 193380All Saints1916 NorthK8
SissonsWilliam193886All Saints1916 NorthK8
SkerrittAmy CharlotteAll SaintsChurch SouthAA8
SkerrittAnnie Maria193276All Saints1916 NorthD1
SkerrittCharlotte Phebe187432All SaintsChurch SouthAA8
SkerrittFanny188688All SaintsChurch SouthAA7
SkerrittFrederick191870All Saints1916 NorthD1
SkerrittGeorge186327All SaintsChurch NorthD2
SkerrittHannah185515th YrAll SaintsChurch NorthD1
SkerrittLucy186420th YrAll SaintsChurch NorthD3
SkerrittSamuel187878All SaintsChurch SouthAA7
SmithEliza186060St John BSouth GateF7
SmithGeorge William194081All Saints1916 NorthO2
SmithHolland186168All SaintsChurch SouthP3
SmithSusannah186474All SaintsChurch SouthP3
SmithTheresa Annie196397All Saints1916 NorthO2
SmithsonJohn180672All SaintsChurch SouthL2
SneapCatherine Elizabeth1864St John BSouth GateF2
SneapJohn Moore187721st YrSt John BSouth GateF1
SneapMary188368St John BSouth GateF2
SneapStephen188571St John BSouth GateF2
SoanesElizabeth Ruth1971All Saints1916 NorthO3
SoanesEmily1940 All Saints1916 NorthO3
SpeedEliza196583All SaintsChurch SouthS6
SpeedElizabeth191478All SaintsChurch SouthS6
SpeedLeonard Jackson19113 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthS7
SpeedMargaret Alice198475All SaintsChurch SouthS7
SpeedThomas Harold19075 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthS7
SpeedThomas Haywood196288All SaintsChurch SouthS6
SpeedWilliam190176All SaintsChurch SouthS6
SquiresAnnie1933All Saints1916 NorthK6
SquiresHarry1934All Saints1916 NorthK6
StaleyEmma Louisa1937All SaintsChurch SouthI12
StaleyJohn188672All SaintsChurch SouthI11
StaleyJohn Thomas1922All SaintsChurch SouthI12
StaleyMaria Sarah190385All SaintsChurch SouthI11
StarrStanley Reece1918InfantAll Saints1916 NorthP3
StevenetteElizabeth Leighton1903St John BChurch SouthD3
StevenetteRichard1926St John BChurch SouthD3
StevensonAnn181563All SaintsLychgate EastE3
StevensonMaria184119All SaintsLychgate EastE6
StevensonThos179850All SaintsLychgate EastE3
StevensonWilliam181030All SaintsLychgate EastE3
StowJane184324All SaintsChurch SouthQ3
TalbotSarah Ann1933All Saints1916 NorthK2
TalbotWalter Henry1937All Saints1916 NorthK2
TaskerElizabeth184125All SaintsChurch SouthW5
TaskerFanny186640All SaintsChurch SouthX1
TaskerGeorge187286th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthX2
TaskerHenry189266All SaintsChurch SouthX1
TaskerMaria186877All SaintsChurch SouthX2
TaskerMary1904All SaintsChurch SouthX3
TaskerRobert184715All SaintsChurch SouthW6
TaskerWilliam1883All SaintsChurch SouthX3
TaylorAlice181874All SaintsSouth PorchD4
TaylorAnn189278St John BWestC6
TaylorCaroline194387St John BWestC7
TaylorIvy Elizabeth18965 mthsSt John BChurch SouthD4
TaylorJane Ann192972St John BWestC11
TaylorJoseph189272St John BWestC7
TaylorJoseph194584St John BWestC11
TaylorMary187775All SaintsChurch NorthI7
TaylorMary188862St John BWestC7
TaylorSusannah192564All Saints1916 NorthG5
TaylorWilliam186776All SaintsChurch NorthI7
TaylorWilliam193677All Saints1916 NorthG5
TemporalElizabeth184580All SaintsChurch SouthH8
TemporalJohn183773All SaintsChurch SouthH8
TesterEdward192572All Saints1916 NorthH5
ThompsonGeorge193077All Saints1916 NorthI7
ThompsonHannah1890St John BSouth GateA1
ThompsonMary Anne193384St John BWestD3
ThompsonSarah187473St John BSouth GateG2
ThompsonSarah Elizabeth193476All Saints1916 NorthI7
ThompsonWilliam1918St John BSouth GateA1
ThorpAll SaintsChurch SouthX7
ThorpDarker18648 mthsAll SaintsChurch SouthX7
ThorpMaryAll SaintsChurch SouthX5
ThorpThomas190384th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthX5
ThorpThomasAll SaintsChurch SouthX6
Tinley182211 mthsSt John BWestF4
TinleyAnn67St John BWestF2
TinleyAnnSt John BWestF3
TinleyEdward181769St John BWestF1
TinleyEdwardSt John BWestF4
TinleyElizabeth182439St John BWestF5
TinleyWilliam17828-St John BWestH2
TownsendElizabeth Frances195390All Saints1916 NorthH4
TownsendWilliam192365All Saints1916 NorthH4
TuckerAlbert John195081All Saints1916 NorthK9
TuckerMinnie1932All Saints1916 NorthK9
TuckerRosa Elizabeth192558All Saints1916 NorthK9
TurnerEliza Sunderland187959All SaintsChurch SouthV11
TurnerJane188280th YrSt John BSouth GateK5
TurnerMillicent186982All SaintsChurch SouthV11
TurnerSarah186524St John BSouth GateK4
TurnerThomas186137All SaintsChurch SouthV11
TurnerWilliam187466St John BSouth GateK5
TurtonSarah Maria185220St John BSouth GateF3
TustinJohn190284All SaintsChurch SouthAA2
VesseyJoseph185454All SaintsLychgate EastJ2
VesseyMary185450All SaintsLychgate EastA1
VesseyMary ann186223All SaintsLychgate EastJ1
WainwrightAnn184860St John BWestE6
WainwrightWilliam184728St John BWestE7
WalkerAnn190683All SaintsChurch SouthZ3
WalkerThomas187145All SaintsChurch SouthZ3
WallheadJohn Tom1885All SaintsChurch NorthB1
WalsterGeorge184638St John BSouth GateB3
WareBarbara1995St John BSouth GateD3
WareRobert Remington1952St John BSouth GateD3
WatkinAda18766 wksAll SaintsChurch SouthZ6
WatkinAnnie188417th YrAll SaintsChurch SouthZ4
WatkinGeorge188443All SaintsChurch SouthZ6
WatkinGeorge Henry18781All SaintsChurch SouthZ6
WatkinHarry18842All SaintsChurch SouthZ6
WatkinJohn Thomas18755 dysAll SaintsChurch SouthZ6
WatkinMary18709 wksAll SaintsChurch SouthZ7
WatsonAnn184668All SaintsChurch SouthW9
WatsonHenry18641All SaintsChurch SouthW10
WatsonIsabella189676All SaintsChurch SouthW10
WatsonJoseph190043All SaintsChurch SouthN16
WatsonRichard192162All Saints1916 NorthD3
WatsonRichardInfancyAll SaintsChurch SouthW8
WatsonThomas190048All SaintsChurch SouthN17
WatsonWilliam190053All SaintsChurch SouthH12
WatsonWilliam184062All SaintsChurch SouthW8
WatsonWilliam188268All SaintsChurch SouthW10
WeightmanJohn Gray187271st YrSt John BSouth GateJ2
WeightmanMary Elizabeth188481St John BSouth GateJ2
WellsAlice Mary198076St John BWestA3
WellsHannah Elizabeth193074All Saints1916 NorthI5
WellsHerbert196672St John BWestA3
WellsJohn William194178All Saints1916 NorthI5
WestElizabeth18139All SaintsChurch SouthV6
WestElizabeth181742All SaintsChurch SouthV4
WesternJohn William188119All SaintsChurch SouthG5
WhatkinsonMary183195All SaintsChurch SouthU5
WhatkinsonMaryAll SaintsChurch SouthU8
WhatkinsonRobert181375All SaintsChurch SouthU6
WhatkinsonWilliam1806All SaintsChurch SouthU7
WhattonAlice Gertrude197363St John BWestA5
WhattonArthur196663St John BWestA5
WheatcraftSarah185078All SaintsChurch NorthI8
WhissonAnne189778All SaintsLychgate EastL1
WhittenIrene199093All Saints1916 NorthM7
WiddowsonBetsy Louisa194978All Saints1916 NorthN10
WiddowsonFred193975All Saints1916 NorthN10
WidnallGeorge186864All SaintsChurch SouthI4
WidnallGeorge192781All Saints1916 NorthG9
WidnallJane193984All Saints1916 NorthG9
WidnallRebecca189878All SaintsChurch SouthI4
WigleySarah Elizabeth194375All Saints1916 NorthL3
WigleyTom193464All Saints1916 NorthL3
WildMary Elizabeth188233All SaintsSouth PorchA4
WillisArthur192466All Saints1916 NorthE11
WillisCharlotte Catherine198581All SaintsChurch NorthI2
WillisEdward186472All SaintsChurch NorthI6
WillisGeorge186941All SaintsChurch NorthI4
WillisJohn193784th YrAll SaintsChurch NorthI3
WillisMaria Elizabeth194690th YrAll SaintsChurch NorthI3
WillisMary Ann188963All SaintsChurch NorthI4
WillisSarah184953All SaintsChurch NorthI6
WillisSarah Jane192872All Saints1916 NorthE11
WillisWilliam Henry197475All SaintsChurch NorthI2
WilsonHenry185953All SaintsChurch SouthU17
WilsonJohn185461St John BSouth GateH5
WilsonMary Ann193085All Saints1916 NorthI4
WilsonWilliam182027All SaintsChurch NorthA1
WinterElizabeth187780All SaintsChurch SouthAA5
WinterRichard187680All SaintsChurch SouthAA5
WisemanEnochAll SaintsChurch SouthAA6
WoodMary195281All Saints1916 NorthJ5
WoodWilliam Howard193265All Saints1916 NorthJ5
WoodcockAnn182070All SaintsChurch NorthH4
WoodcockAnn192278All SaintsChurch NorthF2
WoodcockAnn188282All SaintsChurch NorthH8
WoodcockAnn186529St John BSouth GateK4
WoodcockAnn Draper195383All SaintsChurch SouthN18
WoodcockCharlesAll SaintsChurch NorthF1
WoodcockEliza189428All SaintsChurch NorthF2
WoodcockElizabeth182847All SaintsChurch NorthH6
WoodcockGeorge185323rd YrAll SaintsChurch NorthH9
WoodcockJames185275All SaintsChurch NorthH7
WoodcockJames184182All SaintsChurch NorthK1
WoodcockJohn182249All SaintsChurch NorthH5
WoodcockJohn181871All SaintsChurch NorthH3
WoodcockLucyAll SaintsChurch NorthF1
WoodcockMary Jane191266All SaintsChurch NorthF3
WoodcockSarah Ann195795All SaintsChurch NorthF1
WoodcockVioletAll SaintsChurch NorthF1
WoodcockWilliam193985All SaintsChurch NorthF1
WoodcockWilliam193989All SaintsChurch NorthF3
WoodcockWilliam181927th YrAll SaintsChurch NorthH2
WoodendJane194986All Saints1916 NorthM11
WoodendWilliam193680All Saints1916 NorthM11
WoodliffHenry Joseph187322All SaintsChurch SouthBB3
WoodsGladys Mary197436All Saints1916 NorthM6
WoodsJoseph Henry193641All Saints1916 NorthM6
WoolleyAlice Maud190558St John BChurch SouthI3
WoolleyCatherine Emma188832St John BChurch SouthI3
WoolleyEllenSt John BSouth GateI8
WoolleyHenry Ernest1845St John BSouth GateI8
WoolleyHubert Kerr1857St John BSouth GateI5
WoolleyMaria190481St John BChurch SouthI3
WoolleySarah1852St John BSouth GateI7
WoolleySusan Maria1849St John BSouth GateI8
WoolleyThomas Smith1857St John BSouth GateI6
WoolleyThomas Smith188869St John BChurch SouthI3
WraggSarah Ann18523 mthsSt John BWestE1
WraggSarah Ann4 mthsSt John BWestE1
WrefordIrene Dora19185All Saints1916 NorthP3
WrightAnn185475All SaintsChurch SouthW2
WrightCharles188365All SaintsChurch SouthBB5
WrightCharlotte Elizabeth192881All SaintsChurch SouthW2
WrightHannahAll SaintsChurch SouthBB5
WrightHarvey188012All SaintsChurch SouthBB5
WrightJane185755All SaintsChurch SouthW11
WrightRichard181466All SaintsChurch SouthM1
WrightRobert1926All Saints1916 NorthH9
WrightWilliam191386All SaintsChurch SouthW2
WyettGranville Maude1862All SaintsChurch SouthAA12
WynnFred1934All Saints1916 NorthL2
WynnMiriamAll Saints1916 NorthL2

More about these records

Collingham was originally two distinct parishes, North Collingham and South Collingham. Each had a parish church, All Saints in North and St. John the Baptist in South. Each had its own graveyard in the church grounds. North Collingham also had a small graveyard at its Baptist chapel.

Members of the Society have undertaken to record the style and condition of the memorials in these locations, as well as the inscriptions.

This is an ongoing task and new information will be added to records that are currently available. Efforts were initially targeted on All Saints churchyard which has two distinct areas. In 1916, additional land for burials was purchased adjacent to the existing church grounds. This new area is referred to as the ‘1916 graveyard’. The pre-1916 burial area is located around three sides of the church building and for purposes of recording has been divided into areas, namely: Church North, Church South, South Porch, Lychgate East and Lychgate West. As the memorials here are almost exclusively pre-1916 and indeed go back to our earliest record of 1765, they are in various stages of decay. The gravestones in the 1916 graveyard are in much better condition so their recording is not currently a priority. Those in the 1916 North section have been added to the database and the others will follow in the future.

There are a few post-1916 burials in the earlier section where the deceased has been buried with a close relative or in a family plot. There are also a few names recorded on memorials where the burial is actually elsewhere. One example is two Collingham men recorded on a headstone placed on a relatives plot as having died in the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’. There may be others, as in some cases no burial can be found in Parish records. Parish records for Collingham churches can be found on the excellent website East Trent Genealogy. This resource has been extensively used to cross reference inscriptions and is hereby acknowledged.

There are currently around 20 memorial inscriptions in the pre-1916 burial area that have not been recorded. This is because the inscriptions are so deteriorated that they are illegible without specialist reading techniques. A method using digital software is being evaluated to see if this can be used beneficially.

Throughout 2020 the efforts of the recording team have been focused on the older memorials in St John the Baptist churchyard. Four sections have been surveyed and these records will be added to the database as they are processed. The ‘South Gate’ and ‘Church South’ sections were added in December 2020, the ‘West’ section in February 2021, and others will follow later in the year.

The records that will be stored in CDLHS archives contain for each memorial, three pages. A cover sheet with photograph and main information i.e. names, dates, ages and relationships. A second page with the recorded inscription and description of style and condition of the memorial. A third page with additional researched information on the people named.

Information to assist Family History research is in our Collingham Memorials Database. This lists surname, forenames, year of death, age, graveyard section and a unique plot reference. For more general interest, some of the gravestones have featured in articles in the Society publication The Irregular.

Enquiries from anyone doing such research are welcome and where possible, a picture of the headstone and full inscription will be provided. Any information about people on our database which can be added to CDLHS archives is also sought.

Contact can be made via this website – when you choose the recipient for your enquiry, please select ‘Archive Manager’ from the drop-down list. In the case of a planned visit we can provide a plan of the graveyard showing the memorial location.