The Archaeology Group was formed in 2017 and thus far has carried out four Test Pit Days in Collingham, one in Winthorpe and one special Test Pit Day at the John Blow School. We would like to develop this group to include more volunteers to help with the excavations, cleaning the finds and writing the reports and we are always looking for potential gardens to excavate our next test pit. For more information and to find out if your garden can be the next Test Pit location contact Phil Docherty (Archaeology Lead) via our Contact Us page.

You can read the reports for previous Test Pit Days by clicking on the links below or coming along to the Jubilee Room on one of our open days and checking out the Archaeology Files.

Test Pit 1, 21 High Street, Collingham – 5th July 2017

Test Pit 2, Vine Farm Stack Yard, Collingham – 2nd July 2018

Test Pit 3, The Old Hall, Collingham – 11th May 2019

Test Pit 4, Vine Farm Garden, Collingham – 20th August 2022

Test Pit 5, The Barn, 12 The Green, Collingham – 19th August 2023

Winthorpe Test Pit – 6th April 2019

John Blow Test Pit – 8th May 2022