Collingham and East of the Trent

Ice Age to the Romans

by Jeremy Lodge

Society Trustee and Irregular Editor, Jeremy Lodge, has just published a 250-page paperback book on Collingham and its surrounding area. This is the first publication dedicated to Collingham and this area sine Reverend Wake’s ‘History of
Collingham and its Neighbourhood’ in 1867. Jeremy’s book starts with the last Ice Age which shaped the land and formed the basis for the development of early plant, animal and human life in this area . The focus then moves on to local evidence of early human habitation culminating in the Celts and Romans. The impact of the River Trent, climatic changes and the broader geographical perspective are recurrent themes throughout. ‘Collingham and East of the Trent’ is richly illustrated with diagrams, maps and photographs of local archaeological finds and frequently links the issues covered with what can still be seen today. In addition, there is a compendium of ancient artefacts and archaeological reports. This easy to read book will be of interest to both the general reader and those specifically interested in this locality.

‘Collingham and East of the Trent’ is being sold by Gascoignes (the Post Office) in Collingham, and by Pat at 21 High Street (Collingham) for £10. Thankyou to them both! You can also buy Jeremy’s books from ‘The Bookcase’ in Lowdham The ebook can be purchased from Amazon.

Jeremy is currently working on a further book which takes our local story up to the Domesday Book of 1086. This should be ready for publication in summer 2022.