‘The Irregular’

The aim of the journal is to showcase the writings of local historians about our locality, our people and places.

The first issue will be available from Winter 2017. It is called ‘The Irregular’ as we are not committing ourselves to a firm publication programme. The other reason is that it evokes the concept of ‘irregular troops’ which is how most of the men in our district would have been involved in combat, either as part of the Danish and Anglo-Saxon fryd (freemen mobilised to defend their shire) or as later volunteers.

That being said we aim to produce at least one issue per year. There is a nominal deadline of 1st September each year but please let us have your ‘articles’ whenever they are ready. If you have not written anything before let us know and we can help you!

  • You do not have to be a member to submit an article.
  • We are looking for articles or comments of any length up to 4,000 words. We will also consider pictures, poems, letters or commentary – no matter how short.
  • Please see our notes for contributors.

We have been given a small grant by the County Council to contribute towards the cost of producing a ‘Special Edition’ on World War One during 2018. There are various projects and articles under way but if you would like to join in or contribute an article please contact Jeremy Lodge (Journal Editor) via our Contact Us page, or by post via the Jubilee Room. My fellow editors are Anne Speed and Nigel Priestley – please see the Contact Us page.

The Irregular will initially be available through the Trustees, the Village Archive (Jubilee Room, Swinderby Road) and at our meetings and talks.