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The Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Champions Central List

Will you sign up with the Co-op to support the Collingham and District Local History Society  as your community champion? It will help us to get money from their Community Fund.

How does this work?

The Lincolnshire Co-op has a Community Champions Fund which is distributed amongst the groups on its Community Champions Central List. The amount of money that we get will be proportional to the number of points that we acquire. This works just like your dividend. So every time you buy something from the Co-op and you hand over your Co-op card you collect your usual dividend points and we get points towards our grant.

Your donation will be recognised on your receipt below your dividend points total.

But first you have to register

This is the only thing that you have to do – and only once!

Please fill in the details on the form (see below). If other members of your family or friends have a card can you ask if they will fill it in too. Or you can go online to Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions and follow the steps for ‘Choose my own Community Champion’.

Please return this form to:

  • any member of the CDLHS committee, drop it into the post box at the Jubilee Room on Swinderby Road, bring it along to one of our events


  • a Co-op cashier

… even if there is only one entry as every sign up will help!

You can only sign up to support one organisation. If you sign up to support a second organisation then the earlier one will be cancelled.


Please print and fill in the application form (pdf).

Then return the completed form to us or hand it to a Co-op cashier.