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21st May 2016

The Open Day allowed the general public into the JR for the first time.  Over 40 people came to see the archives, a good response!

The U3A Local History Research Group will be using the JR to research into their local history projects on a regular basis

20th May 2016

The Jubilee Room is open at last!  Some pictures from this event.  We were delighted to welcome Carol and Nicholas Bennett who helped to set up the Museum Committee [which became the CDLHS] back in 1973.   Also David Littlewood, Conservation Officer from Nottingham County Council and John Parker,  Chairman of the Nottingham Local History Association.

19th May 2016

We welcomed members of the Collingham Parish Council to the Jubilee Room to thank them for their help in enabling us to develop this facility for our archives.

5th May 2016

It was wonderful to show off the refurbished JR to past members of the CDLHS committees, responsible for collecting so many of our archives.

2nd May 2016

Collingham May Fair – despite the tremendous wind, we managed to maintain our gazebo minus the cover!