Get Involved

If you need help with your own research please do not hesitate to contact us or come along to the jubilee room for a chat or to peruse our archive (please check the Jubilee Room opening times in the side panel on our Home page).

Graveyard Project  (Charlie)

Our graveyards contain many surprises and links to our often forgotten past. However, many of our gravestones are deteriorating rapidly and many have been lost in recent years, so we are busy cataloguing gravestones in Collingham before it is too late. If you would like to join our team please contact Charlie Stothard (Deputy Archivist) via our Contact Us page.

WW1 Projects (Pat)

We are putting together a small exhibition to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the Armistice in November 2018. We are hoping that this will be accompanied by a special WW1 edition of our new Journal. The exhibition and journal will capture life in the village during the Great War. Our research also includes work on the soldiers who left the village to fight in the Great War. I also lead the Collingham U3A Local History Research Group.

Anyone interested in helping out with these projects or joining this U3A group please get in touch with me, Pat Smedley (Chair), via our Contact Us page.

Archaeology (Phil)

We have now held our “trial run” of our test pit day in Pat’s garden and blessed with a sunny day and fortified with her food and drink we completed the test pit, which revealed pottery ranging from Victorian right back to Saxon times. There were also many other finds of bone, flint, clay pipe stems and iron nails. The very bottom of the one metre deep test pit also revealed a post hole clearly driven into the gravel and sand subsoil. All of these finds will be written up and recorded in preparation for the proposed Community Test Pit Day which, armed with the information and skills we now have, we can hopefully not only get the CDLHS members but also the wider village community involved in digging test pits in gardens across the village to discover more of Collingham’s history. (Phil Docherty, Archaeology Lead.)

Journal (Jeremy)

We aim to encourage and support new and established researchers and writers. Our Journal ‘The Irregular’ provides an opportunity for you and others to see the result of your work. Please contact Jeremy Lodge (Journal Editor) via our Contact Us page and/or come along to the Jubilee Room (see below).

Archives (David)

If you need help with your own research please do not hesitate to contact us or come along to the Jubilee Room for a chat or to peruse our Archive (please check the current opening times). If we are closed please contact our Senior or Deputy Archivists via our Contact Us page.